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WelCome Message

Education is the backbone of the nation. Therefore, the basic rights of people to acquire education for all by implementing this right, many countries of the world have advanced to the peak of progress as a developed country. In this case, Bangladesh is trying its best to achieve its desired goal. For the development of the age, we all think about their own children. Human beings have to be purified, they have to be completely independent in their pursuit. In this case, education is our prime minister. We firmly believe that the basic purpose of education is the desired change of behavior. And to make them as creative, independent, active, and responsive, citizens. For this, an educational-friendly environment, with appropriate teacher and appropriate teaching method. I asserted that Patnitala High School has been able to coordinate all these things. In order to develop student's innate talent, the institute has general education as well as a variety of education including computer education, cultural, formal, sport. Patnitala High School's computer education and computer training system are very strong, which will lead one more step forward to build Digital Bangladesh

Head Master
Patnitala High School